About Us

Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission
and Vision

Our Mission

Guide and inspire states and communities as they design, transform, and sustain public early education and care systems to be equitable, efficient, and effective.

Our Vision

Early childhood education and care is funded and governed as a public good and is a fully realized component of the education continuum throughout the United States

Our Values

Equity and justice, accountability, authentic engagement, data-informed decision-making, impact, and transparency – these values underpin a just and effective CELFE team.

  • Equity and justice
  • Accountability
  • Authentic engagement
  • Data-informed decision-making
  • Impact
  • Transparency

The Impact We Help to Achieve

  • Increased access to and participation in high-quality ECEC, especially in under-resourced areas
  • Equitable funding across multiple funding streams for early childhood education and childcare
  • ECEC systems that support families’ access to high-quality early childhood education and care, with attention to:
    • Affordability
    • Schedules and types of care that match families’ needs
    • Location and available transportation
    • Culturally and linguistically responsive programs
    • Comprehensive services
    • Accessibility of enrollment processes
  • Improved data systems that support the disaggregation of data regarding public investments in children over time and analyses of the equity and adequacy of funding by geography

The Future We Are
Working to Create

  • A fair system of distributing public funding for early childhood that supports equitable outcomes for young children and families
  • Governance and finance transformation that eliminates barriers to access to high-quality ECEC
  • No barriers to access to high-quality ECEC due to race, income, or geographic location
  • Improved outcomes and reduced disparities in outcomes for children and families