Cost Modeling Network


In addition to working with individual states and localities, CELFE is working to create a community of practice for cost modelers – to share knowledge, ask questions together, and ultimately arrive at a set of ‘standards’ in building cost models that can truly build a shared practice to inform ECEC finance policy and practice. The group of practitioners is mutually committed to being data-driven and research-based, reflecting the current realities of providers, and grounded in established and agreed-upon goals and practices. Collectively, we hope that our shared work will result in a commonly agreed-upon set of standards.

Some of our past conversations have covered the following topics:

  • Approaches to drive greater equity in funding allocation through cost estimation design, including a focus on differentiating program models to address the varied needs of children and families
  • Compensation estimates for home-based and center-based providers
  • Mapping program standards to staffing patterns and other costs
  • Methodology for considering regional variation in cost factors

Through our client-facing work, the technical network, and our outreach and engagement with broader audiences, we are eager to expand the conversation with more early childhood partners who are as passionate as we are about better establishing the role of ECEC cost modeling in the larger development of equitable ECEC financing strategy. Please reach out to us if you are interested in partnering!

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Early Childhood Cost Modeling Webinar Series

Digging Deeper: A series of conversations to continue the conversation and dig deeper into key aspects of cost modeling.

CELFE’s Cost Modeling Services

CELFE’s cost modeling work is driven by extensive quantitative and qualitative data collection, analysis, and synthesis.