Our Work



Our mission is to guide and inspire states and communities as they design, transform, and sustain public early education and care systems to be equitable, efficient, and effective.

We have worked with states and localities to create:

  • Funding Equity Maps
  • Strategic planning with an eye toward implementation
  • Compensation Contracts
  • Cost Estimation Models
  • Salary Scales
  • Data System Consultation


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CELFE Community Support

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As the Illinois Early Childhood Transformation Team, members of our team led Illinois’ ECEC funding Commission and created an Early Learning Funding Equity Map to zero in on inequities across early childhood funding. Established a Regional Infrastructure Blueprint to ‘scaffold up’ parent and community input. Informed the design of Compensation Contracts to address the child care workforce. Led the Board of Education’s strategy to expand inclusive environments for children with special needs.


Worked with state’s Department of Early Education and Care to conduct a Market Rate Survey and Comprehensive Cost Estimation Model to inform overall financing strategy for the child care system.


Worked with state’s Department of Early Childhood to address the workforce crisis by building comprehensive Salary Scale. Ongoing work involves establishing a cost estimate and strategy for retirement benefits for child care providers.


Beginning work with Governor’s office, DHHS and Department of Education to develop an early childhood strategic plan inclusive of a cross-system financing strategies and a Cost Estimation Model for child care and public preschool.


Working to help transition the state’s early childhood strategic plan into an Action Agenda that builds greater coordination and impact across the system, with measurable improvements for children and families.


CELFE stewards the Chicago Early Childhood Integrated Data System to provide a real-time, comprehensive, citywide, cloud-based data “hub” that integrates state and local early childhood data to answer a wide range of questions at the provider, neighborhood, and citywide levels.