Our Approach

Creating Standards for Cost Estimation Models in ECEC


We want to drive and support the ECEC Field toward equitable financing strategies that are data-driven, research-based and are grounded in a set of established and agreed-upon standards. To that end, we must collect and create the research base that affirms the essential elements of equitable cost modeling.

We support collaboration across the emerging early childhood cost modeling field to create best-practice standards for cost estimation models, with an emphasis on:

  • Approaches to driving greater equity in funding allocation through cost estimation design, including a focus on differentiating program models to address the varied needs of children and families
  • Approaches to setting compensation cost factors (wages and benefits) in cost estimation design to support the long-term sustainability of ECEC programs
  • Clear definitions of parameters in cost estimation models
  • Mapping program standards to staffing patterns and other costs
  • Methodology for considering regional variation in cost factors