Action Agenda for Early Childhood

March 2024 | Tags: Report, Nebraska

Like most states across the country, Nebraska’s Early Childhood sector is facing a decisive moment because the COVID-19 relief funds are winding down while the sector continues to struggle for survival. At the same time, Nebraska has embarked upon an ambitious goal to strengthen, integrate, and eliminate inequities in its early childhood system so that all Nebraska children and their families have better access to quality early childhood services. That goal will take several years and durable leadership to achieve. As a result, the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), in partnership with the Nebraska Children and Families Fund (NCFF), committed to build upon the previous work done to operationalize a shared vision and long-term goals—represented most clearly in the Nebraska
Early Childhood Strategic Plan (updated in 2023) and Nebraska’s Preschool Development Grant: Needs Assessment Report (2019). This Action Agenda represents the next iteration of the work—digging deeper to establish actionable priorities capable of moving the needle for children ages 0-5 across Nebraska.