CELFE and Children’s Funding Project PDG Webinar

April 2024 | Tags: Presentation

CELFE’s Executive Director Theresa Hawley, Ph.D. and Children’s Funding Project’s Senior Manager of Cost Modeling Kate Ritter, MPP, along with her colleagues Olivia Allen and Bruno Showers, facilitated a presentation and conversation about the opportunities with the PDG funding opportunity to support strategic financing for early childhood systems. During the conversation, we provided specific examples of how states approached this work and the impact it had on their child care, preschool, and home visiting systems.


  • Theresa Hawley, Ph.D., Executive Director, Center for Early Learning Funding Equity
  • Kate Ritter, Senior Manager, Cost Modeling, Children's Funding Project
  • Bruno Showers, State Policy Manager, Children's Funding Project
  • Olivia Allen, Co-founder and Vice President of Strategy and Advocacy, Children's Funding Project


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