Early Childhood Cost Modeling Webinar Series

October 2023 | Tags: Cost Modeling


CELFE, in partnership with Afton Partners, Children’s Funding Project and Prenatal to 5 Fiscal Strategies, launched a series of conversations as a newly formed Early Childhood Cost Modeling Technical Network to continue the conversation and dig deeper into key aspects of cost modeling. The Network kicked off in Fall 2022 with guided conversations on the following topics, with a focus on the technical aspects of cost modeling related to each.

  • Modeling for Program Revenue
  • Non-Personnel Costs and the PCQC: Centers and Homes
  • Wages and Benefits: Centers and Homes
  • Family Child Care and Group Homes
  • Cost Modeling to Inform Revenue Strategy
  • Using Narrow Cost Analyses to Drive Both Interim Rate Setting and Long-Term Change
  • Cost Modeling for Different Funding Mechanisms
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